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11 Tiffany Keller Facts! Get Some Interesting Details About This Hot Model

11 Facts About Tiffany Keller! Get Some Insight Into This Beautiful Model’s Life

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Source: Instagram

Tiffany Keller is a popular fashion model, who also has a growing presence on the social media app, Instagram.

Tiffany is drop-dead beautiful and this article is a short biography that will give you a peek into her life. Take a look at the Top 11 Facts about Tiffany Keller.

1. Birthday.

April 14th 1993. Her birth sign is Aries.

2. Hometown.

Bonita, San Diego, California.

3. Ethnicity

Tiffany Keller’s ethnic background is Native American, Filipino, Spanish, Russian, Polish and Hungarian.

4. Modeling

Tiffany Keller got into modeling when she was scouted by an agent in her hometown, San Diego. She is currently represented by Elite LA.

5. Measurements

Tiffany Keller’s Height is 5’ 9” (175 cm). Her measurements (Bust, Waist & Hips) are 32”-24”-34.5”. She has brown hair and hazel colored eyes.

6. Nickname


7. Her Biggest turn off?

Tiffany absolutely hates sloppiness.

8. Favorite Disney princess?


9. She had a Feature in a Rap Video

Tiffany had a cameo in a music video with Fat Joe & Chris Brown, Another Round

10. TV Show She Binges on?

Game of Thrones

11. Social Media

You can connect with Tiffany Keller on Facebook, Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat.

Twitter – @tiffanykeller

Instagram – @tiffanykeller

Faceb00k – @TiffanyTKKeller

Snapchat – @imtiffanykeller

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