Joey Birlem Facts

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Joey Birlem
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Joey Birlem is an American Musically star. He has gained millions of fans on the lip-synching app and his popularity is extending into other platforms like Instagram and Youtube.

If you want to find more about this Musically star, check out this 16 facts about Joey Birlem.

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i’ll teach u how to whip a beignet👅

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Birthday. Joey Birlem’s age is [showcurrentage month=”05″ day=”29 year=”2002″ template=”1″]. His birthday is May 29, 2002. His sign is Gemini.

Birthplace. Joey lives in Fort Mill, California.

Family. He has two sisters named Sophia and Bella. They often appear in his videos.

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we put the bling in siblings💫

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Full Name. Joseph Matthew Birlem

Nicknames: People often call him Joey or JoJo.

Eye Color. Greenish brown in color

Before He was into skateboarding.

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harry potter who? 🤓

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Tayler Holder. He is friends with another popular Musically Star, Tayler Holder. The two started a Youtube channel in 2016, called Joey and Tayler.

Broke his Arm. He broke his arm in the summer of 2017.

Urban Dictionary. Joey Birlem’s name is actually in the UrbanDictionary for the listing “hot af”

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how has your day been☺️

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Fav color. He loves the color red

Biggest Fear. His biggest fear is dying alone.

Favorite Fruit. Joey loves pineapples.

Strange Fact. He used to hate the flavor of mint

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choppa choppa 🚁 @samcahill

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Hover boards. He was once obsessed with hover boards and he freaked out when he met Tayler Holder and realized he had a bunch of them.

Social Media. Joey Birlem’s popularity is skyrocketing and you can follow him on the various social media accounts below:

Instagram: @joeybirlem

Twitter: @joeybirlem

Snapchat name: joeybirlem

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