21 Really Cool Facts About Twitch Star, Pokimane Thicc

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Facts About Pokimane, Twitch Streamer
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Pokimane is a Youtube and video game streamer and she is one of the most popular female gamers on Twitch. Because of her popularity, she has a large following across different social media platforms, with millions of followers and fans.

Below, are 21 quick facts about Pokimane.

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Birthday. Pokimane’s age is [showcurrentage month=”05″ day=”14” year=”1996″ template=”1″]. Her birthday is May 14, 1996. Her Zodiac sign is a Taurus.

Real Name: Her real name is Imane, but she has been known to go by Amy.

Ethnicity. She is Moroccan

Trilingual. She can speak, English, French and is fluent in Moroccan Arabic, also known as Darija

Siblings: Imane has a brother.

What Does Her Name Mean? Pokimane was a big fan of the Nintendo games, Zelda and Pokeman. She combined Pokeman with her name, Imane, and there Pokimane was born.

Favorite Video Games. Zelda and Pokeman

Where Did She Grow Up? She was born in Morocco, but would later move to a small town in Canada

Anime. She loves Asian culture, especially anime. She wants to live in Japan, sometime in the future.

University. She attended McMaster University. She was studying chemical engineering, but dropped out in her 3rd year of school to follow her passion and become a streamer full time

Best Friends. Paulina and Becky.

Pokimane Thicc. A lot of people want to know why she goes by Pokimane Thicc? By definition, Thicc “is a slang term used to describe the voluptuous, hourglass-like curvature of a woman’s hips.”

Poki explained in a video that it means, fat in certain regions, which would be her hups and butt.


Boyfriend. When it comes to her dating life, Pokimane keeps it very private. Many state that her fellow streamer, Myth is her boyfriend. There has also been rumors that she has dated YouTubers and gamers such as Meteos and Scarra.

Feet. A 30 minute video exists, showing nothing but Poki’s feet.

Shorty Awards. For the 10th Annual Shorty Awards, Pokimane was the winner as best Twitch Streamer.

ASMR.  She was big on ASMR a couple years ago, as it was her passion at that time. Right now, her passion is video games and that is where she devotes all her time.

How Tall is She? On her Facebook, she posted that she was 5 ft 3 and 3/4ths

Posted by Pokimane on Tuesday, July 24, 2018

No makeup. For some reason, a lot of her followers always want to see her without make up. She Tweeted a video without her having any makeup on.

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no one is you & that is your power ❤️☀️ 😄

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Pokimane and Fortnite. Poki started playing Fortnie as part of a sponsorship deal, but she got hooked to the game immediately.

Speaking with DigitalTrends, she stated “When I played for a few hours on stream, I saw that so many of my other friends were playing as well, and my viewers loved it, so I got instantly hooked and I’ve been playing ever since.”

Offline TV. Imane became a member of the collective, ‘Offline TV’ on July 3, 2017. This group features a bunch of social media celebrities and YouTubers.

Social Media.

Pokimane is active on a ton of social media platforms. You can follow her at:

Instagram @pokimanelol

Twitter:  @pokimanelol

Facebook: @pokimane

Youtube:  @Pokimane

Snapchat Name:  @pokimane

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