20 Super-Awesome Hailey Orona Facts

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Hailey Orona Facts
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Hailey Orona is a social media star who has a massive following on her popular Instagram account, @real.ono. She has also gained popularity on the lip-synching app, Musically, where she has gained millions of fans on that platforms

Below, we will highlight 20 facts on Hailey Oronoa. If you are a fan, take a look, as you might find out some interesting trivia on this social media star.


Birthday. Hailey Orona’s age is [showcurrentage month=”12″ day=”24” year=”2002″ template=”1”]. Her birthday is December 24, 2002. Her Zodiac sign is a Capricorn.  She is a Christmas Eve baby.

Birthplace. Upland, California

Real Name: Hayley Orona

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what you know about that baby

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Boyfriend. She is dating her Musically muser, Brandon Westenberg.

Ethnicity. She is of Mexican descent.

Nicknames. She has a ton of nicknames such as yt.ona, lil.ona, real.ona, and Ona

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take me to the 1970’s

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Siblings. She has 3 sisters and 3 brothers. She is the 2nd youngest.

Father. He was a semi professional soccer player. He stopped playing to focus on his family.

Soccer. Soccer is her favorite sport and she has been playing since she was 5 years old

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LA kinda girl

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BFF. Her cousin hope is her BFF. They go to the same high school

Wha she calls her fans? Hailey Orona fans are called “Onaganh”

Favorite Food – Spicy Pizza and she loves hot Cheetos

Piercing. She has a nose piercing


Boys of Summer Tour.  She joined the Boys of Summer tour in 2018 alongside other social stars including Dylan Conrique.

Favorite Color. Blue. She wears white on video, but she loves blue.

Dancing. She has been dancing since she was three years old. She thinks of it as the best outlet to release whatever emotions she experiences.

Favorite Brands – Nike and PacSun


Favorite Fruit. She loves strawberries

Favorite Singer. She is a big fan of Justin Bieber.

Social Media.  You can follow Hailey Orona on social media on InstagramTwitter, and YouTube.

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