Angel Pom Facts

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Angel Pom Facts
Source: Instagram

Who is Angel Pom? This little Pomeranian is a social media star and owned by media icon, Loren Gray.

Get to know this dog, with these 7 Angel Pom facts.

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Birthday. Angel Pom was born October 8, 2017.

Family Life. Her mother is, social media influencer and star, Loren Gray.

Siblings. Angel has a sister called Smudgee Pom.

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600k!!!!! this is how she feels

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Where She Lives? She lives in Los Angeles with her mother Loren.

Breed. A lot of people want to know what kind of breed Angel is. She is a Pomeranian.

Debut. She made her social media debut on December 8th, 2017, when Loren posted a picture on on Angel’s Instagram.

Social Media. Angel Pom has a huge following on social media, with followers up in the hundreds of thousands. You can follow this Pomeranian at:



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