Smudgee Pom Facts

Smudge Pom

Source: Instagram

Who is Smudgee Pom? This is the second dog owned by social media influencer, Loren Gray.

Want to more about this cute little dog, take a look at these 7 Smudgee Pom facts.

momma luvs u smudger

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Birthday. Smudgee Pom was born January 30, 2018. Her sign is Aquarius.

Family Life. Her mother is, star and social media influencer, Loren Gray.

Siblings. She is the sister of Loren’s other dog Angel Pom, and you can often find them posing together in pictures on the Gram.

all hail the mighty smudge

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Where She Lives? She lives in sunny California (Los Angeles), with her mom.

Breed. Smudgee Pom’s breed is a Pomeranian, just like her sister Angel.

Debut. She made her social media debut on April 9th, 2018. Her first post on Instagram was of her licking her nose.

this is smudge and u can only see her eyeballs when you’re up close

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Social Media. Smudgee Pom has a growing following on Instagram and she has hundreds of followers. You can follow her at:



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