22 Facts About Corie Rayvon

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Corie Rayvon
Source: Instagram

With her curly hair, amazing personality and breathtaking looks??, Youtube star, Corie Rayvon it is easy to see why she is one of the most popular stars on social media.

Because of the impact Corie has in the digital world, it is easy to see why people want to learn more about her.

Below, I present the 22 facts about Corie Rayvon that every fan ought to know.?

Full Name

Corie Rayvon Smith


Corie Rayon is [showcurrentage month=”7″ day=”2″ year=”1996″ template=”1″] years old. Her birthday is July 2nd, 1996. Her birth sign is Cancer.


She was born and raised in Houston Texas but moved to Los Angeles in 2015 to pursue a career in modeling and acting.

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You make the caption.. 🙂

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High School

She attended Pearland High School and she actually graduated six months early.


Corie Rayvon is 5’ 4.5” tall. Most people think that she is taller, but she is pretty average.

Eye Color

Corie’s eye color changes depending on the weather or the type of clothing that she’s wearing.

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Childhood Nickname

Growing up, Corie was called Poopie or Poopie Doop


Corie Rayvon used to date Youtuber Khalil Underwood. The relationship fell apart, but Corie has admitted that while she still has feeling for Khalil, she is still cool with him.

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double trouble. 😏 dress from: @fashionnova

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Best Friend

Corie Rayvon is best friends with fellow Youtuber and social media star, Jilly Anais. Corie used to be really good friends with another Youtuber Ashley Ortega, but that friendship is no more.


She absolutely loves dogs. ?She shared a dog with her ex-boyfriend Khalil Underwood.

Favorite Food.

She really really loves Mexican food.??

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lil booties matter too. Fit from: @princesspcloset

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Computer Nerd.

Computer nerd. Fix, use hard programs and can learn programs quickly like Photoshop.


Corie set Youtube on fire when she posted her bikini haul and modeled it for her fans to see.

Favorite TV Shows

Corie Rayvon has stated that her favorite shows are True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, Mobsters and Bob’s Burgers. She loves documentaries on celebrities.

She Loves Video Games

Corie is a big gamer! Her favorite game of all time would have to Grand Theft Auto.


She loves to read before she goes to bed, it just relaxes her.

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Whatcha lookin at?

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She has never travelled out of the US

How She Got Into Makeup?

Corie got into makeup in her junior year of high school. Her sister did her makeup for prom and she was blown away by who she saw in the mirror. She has a couple vids on Youtube without her makeup on, but she shows you how to put it on.

Weirdest Thing She Ever Ate

She used to eat chitlins (pig intestines), when she was little, but she finds it repulsive now and she doesn’t know how she used to eat it.


One of Corie Rayvon’s most popular Youtube videos is one of her twerking with her one time friend, Ashley Ortega.


Corie has admitted that she is shy, but she is working on getting out of her shell.

Social Media

Corie Rayvon has amassed a ton of fans on social media and you can follow her on:

Twitter: @corierayvonn

Instagram: @corierayvon

Snapchat Name: CorieRayvon

Youtube: CorieRayvon

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