16 Cool Facts About Christen Dominique The #1 Beauty Vlogger

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Christen Dominique Facts
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Christen Dominique is a beauty vlogger, guru and influencer. She has made a name for herself on Youtube posting makeup videos, but she is slowly creeping into different social media spheres of influence.

People always want to get to know about the real Christen and that is why we present 22 facts about Christen Dominique. Get to learn about your favorite fashion vlogger a little bit more.


Christen Dominique is [showcurrentage month=”2″ day=”5″ year=”1987″ template=”1″] years old. She was born on February 5th, 1987. Her Zodiac sign is Aquarius


She grew up in Houston, Texas. She moved to Los Angeles in January 2014.


Christen’s husband is Cesar Irias. She has featured him a couple times in her videos.


Christen has a son named Jaden. She had him when she was 20 years-old.


Christen Dominique grew up as an only child. She however has 2 half-sisters on her mother’s and father’s side.


A lot of people want to know what Christen’s ethnicity is. She is of Guyanese-Portuguese, Mexican, and Arabian descent.

Her Claim to Fame?

She is a fashion and beauty vlogger and that is her full-time job. She signed up for YouTube in 2009

Youtube: walways wanted to be a makeup artist, 2009 . She put a video out on the response on her own makeup

Laura Lee Drama

In 2017, there was major drama between beauty vloggers Laura Lee and Christen Dominique. The feud started when Laura tweeted ““sometimes I have to remember imitation is the most sincere form of flattery,”. From there it became a subtle back and forth on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Laura was upset because she thought she had copied her videos.

Tummy Tuck

Christen Dominique got a tummy tuck and it was simply because she did not like the way her stomach looked. After she had her son, she tried everything to get her body back into shape, but it didn’t happen. She had stretch marks that would not fade, as well as excessive amounts of loose skin She was not comfortable with that part of her body and became very self conscious about it.

She did the tummy tuck because she was tired of not being able to show off her body and how self conscious and uncomfortable she felt because of it.


In January 2016, Christen showed off her new teeth in a transformation video. She got veneers, because she would grind her teeth and they were a bit yellow. Some fans loved her new look, while others didn’t like it and were disappointed in the drastic change.

Cosmetic Line

In 2018, Christen launched her own cosmetic line of beauty products. The first product she launched was an eye shadow palette called the ‘Latte Palette’.

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Forbes List

Christen made the Forbes List as one of the ten most powerful influencers in the world of beauty.



She got her first tattoo in 2018 and it was the words ‘Aquarius’.

What She Wanted to be When She Was Younger?

When she was younger, Christen wanted to be a singer, dancer and a performer. She loved Selena and would pretend to be her when she was younger and mimic her performances

Workout routine

She doesn’t like to workout. Christen has admitted that she should workout more.

Social Media Accounts

While Christen is known for her Youtube videos, she also has a growing following on different social media accounts. You can follow her at:

Instagram: @christendominique

Twitter: @christentweets

Youtube: @christendominique

Snapchat Name: ChristenSnaps

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