11 Everleigh Soutas Facts That You Really Should Know

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Everleigh Soutas
Source: Instagram

Instagram star and toddler fashionista Everleigh Soutas (Labrant) is one of the most popular child stars in the fashion world right now. Piggy backing on the success of her social media mom star, Savannah Soutas-Labrant, Everleigh has garnered millions of fans across her different social media accounts, as well as the one she shares with her best friend Ava Foley, ForEverAndForAva.

If you want to find out more about this kid star, check out these 16 pretty cool and interesting facts about Everleigh Rose Soutas.

Everleigh Rose, Cole Labrant, Savannah LaBrant, Posie
Source: Instagram

Birthday. Everleigh Soutas’ age is [showcurrentage month=”11″ day=”24” year=”2012″ template=”1″].  His birthday December 14, 2012 Her Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Full Name. Everleigh Rose Soutas

Family. Everleigh is the daughter/stepdaughter of internet celebrities, Savannah LaBrant and Cole LaBrant.

Siblings. Everleigh Rose has a little sister, Posie Rayne LaBrant, who was born January 2019.

Everleigh Rose & Posie
Source: Instagram

Cousins. She is the older cousin of twin actresses Oakley Fisher & Taytum Fisher.

Hometown. Everleigh Soutas was born in Orange County, California. She still lives in California with her Mother Savannah Soutas-LaBrant and her stepfather, Cole LaBrant.

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🎉PLEASE READ🎉 I wanted to answer some questions a lot of you have… So, here we go! First off, being the most amazing mommy to this little girl is my #1 job, and I will always put her best interest first. #2 Yes, Cole is my boyfriend…and no, I did not leave Everleigh's dad for him. #3 Ever's dad is still in her life and I would never keep him out of it. We had Everleigh when we were 19 years old. We were never engaged, never married, never lived together. Things didn't work out with Ever's dad and I for reasons that I won't put out in the open, but just know that my family/friends have wanted me out of that relationship since the beginning. I tried for several years to make my life with Everleigh's father seem happy for HER sake, but I deserve to be treated right and I finally came to realize that it was not my job to fix someone. #4 I am a Christian. I lost my faith for a bit and went through a rough time… However, my Christian up bringing showed me that abortion was not an option. What matters to me now is strengthening my relationship with God & following the path that Jesus has planned for me. Cole has been a big part of this & we have an excellent foundation to begin our Godly relationship with. I can't remember the last time I have had happiness like this in my life and I would love for all of you to be happy for me. Follow this new journey with me! "Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have called you by name, you are m i n e." ✨ Isaiah 43:1

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Her Real Father. Everleigh’s mom, Savannah got married to her step-father, Cole LaBrant in 2017 and there are people who want to know about Ever’s real dad. Savannah addressed this in an Instagram post back in 2016. She explained that “Ever’s dad is still in her life and I would never keep him out of it. We had Everleigh when we were 19 years old. We were never engaged, never married, never lived together. Things didn’t work out with Ever’s dad and I for reasons that I won’t put out in the open, but just know that my family/friends have wanted me out of that relationship since the beginning.”

In 2016, Savannah tweeted a photo with Everleigh and her father.


Everleigh Rose Soutas
Source: Instagram

Eye Color. She has blue eyes

Hair Color. Everleigh Rose has blonde hair.

Her Best Friend. Everleigh’s bestest friend in the whole world is Ava Foley. The two have been inseparable from birth and they share the same interests in fashion. Everlaigh and Ava’s mothers, Savannah and Michelle, have been best friends for ten years. The two were born a week apart and it is easy to see why they are besties if you follow their fashionista Instagram account,  ForEverAndForAva.

She Has Done Some Major Fashion Campaigns. Everleigh Soutas is known as a major force in the kids fashion world. She has done campaigns for Vogue Australia, as well as Kardashian Kids.

Her Favorite TV Show

Savannah gave us some insight into her daughter’s favorite show, with a tweet back in 2017. She explained that Ever loved Netflix’s Fuller House.

Everleigh Soutas
Source: Instagram

Her Dog. In October 2017, Everleigh got a dog called Carl, who is a white micro teacup Pomeranian puppy. She was pretty excited at the big surprise. He has his own Instgaram account @lilcarl.

She Loves to Dance. Everleigh sure loves to dance and you can see her putting down some amazing moves on Musical.ly and Youtube. Her mom, Savannah explained how Everleigh caught the dancing bug: “I grew up dancing–starting when I was 2 years old– so I would have to say Everleigh gets the dancing gene from her mama!“

Social Media. Everleigh Soutas has millions of followers across different social media accounts. You can find her on Instagram with her BFF, AVA; or on Youtube with her mom and step-dad.

Her Musical.ly – @foreverandforava and Snapchat Name – savvvsoutas (She is on her mom’s account)

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  1. Hello Savannah and Cole,Everleigh,Posie. I might be your biggest fan I have watched every single video, you guys are the cutest family! My name Is Constance Jones I live in Nineveh Indiana. Also My birthday is March 25 so three days after yours savannah! I was so happy when i found out that are birthdays were so close I started crying, I’m thirteen by the way everleigh always has the cutest outfits i’m so jealous. Posie and Everleigh are so cute and they both have really pretty names. This may sound really weird but will you please call me one day, if I don’t answer leave a voicemail if you want to I really just want to be able to talk to you guys you are really amazing Constance Jones (317-981-9134) It would mean the world to me thank you so much!!!!!!!!

  2. Never could I have a relationship like yours Savannah. You a wonderful mom and a brave lady. After I watch your videos it makes maybe just maybe when I grow I could be like you. Thanks for me feel special even if I’m young,(9 years old)

  3. You guys and the ace family are 2 of the cutest family on you tube and social media i love you all i hope you have a great day

  4. hey this is Joni, you guys are the cutest people on earth!!!! Even my brothers 8 almost 9, 6 yearold bro and even my 4 year old brother. I live in washington and I watched all of your vidios (NOT JOKING). I have 6 brothers and i am the only girl / oldest so yea i lv u guys


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