10 Savannah Soutas Facts That You’ll Find Interesting

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With her blond hair and striking eyes, rising star Savannah Soutas is a casual beauty that is one of the most popular stars on the music video sharing app Musical.ly.

Along with her daughter who features on her social media pages, Soutas has captured the hearts of thousands of fans with her beautiful photos. In 2016 she was named the top “Muser” on musical.ly, beating out popular stars such as Jacob Sartorius and Baby Ariel to gain the coveted top spot.

Here are ten facts about the lovely Savannah Soutas that you need to know.

Her Birthday. Savannah Rose Soutas’ age is [showcurrentage month=”03″ day=”02” year=”1993″ template=”1″]. Her birthday is March 2, 1993. Her Zodiac sign is a Pisces.

Birth place. She is a born and bred California girl. She lives in Orange County.

Her Rise to Fame. Soutas was very talented as a child. She began dancing and performing as early as the age of 2 years. Savannah first became famous on the site Musical.ly where she now has almost 4 million followers. She also has thousands of fans on Instagram and Twitter.

Family Life. Savannah had a daughter when she was 19 years old. She named her Everleigh Soutas. Everleigh is now 4 years old and is a budding social media star with her own Musical.ly and Instagram pages. She began modeling at just 8 months old and has done modeling campaigns for several famous brands including Kardashian Kids.

Education. She had to take a break from her educational pursuits when her daughter was born. She is now attending university where she is working on her Bachelor’s degree. Savannah is very dedicated to the cause of education and wants to become a teacher.

Professional Life. She is a professional photographer turned beauty blogger. Her professional work can be viewed on her Instagram page where both she and her daughter Everleigh model. Everleigh is a budding fashionista and shares her own beauty blog with her best friend Eva.

Who is she dating? Savannah began dating actor Cole LaBrant in 2016. LaBrant is also well known in the social media world. His fame came from posting videos on popular video sharing site ‘Vine’. He was once a member of the popular Vine group Dem White Boyz. The couple have a YouTube channel together.

Her Style. Soutas describes herself as a girly girl. In an interview with Taudry.com [one of the many brands she works with], she says “I love dresses. They have to be my favorite. I am definitely a free people kind of girl”.

Religion. Savannah is very open about her religious views. Her twitter describes her as a “lover of Jesus”. She routinely speaks about her devotion to the christian faith on her social media pages.

Interaction with fans. Savannah is very interactive with her fans and enjoys meeting them in the streets. She told Taudrey.com in an interview “It’s so sweet when people stop us to take pictures with us. Well, mostly Everleigh- haha! I think it’s adorable. They ask a lot of fun questions and I love meeting new people!”

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  1. Savannah is going to be the best mom to 2 beautiful little girls. I am A gigantic fan and she is sooo beautiful. She and Cole make the perfect couple like if u agree. Savannah or Cole plz reply if you see my comment


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