21 Sierra Skye (Sierra Egan) Facts That are Pretty Interesting

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Sierra Skye
Source: Instagram

Sierra Skye aka Sierra Egan is an American swimsuit model who has taken Instagram by storm. She has a crazy following on Instagram and is starting to do a bit of vlogging on the popular video platform, Youtube.

People are always interested to get a quick bio or learn more about this hugely popular Instagram model. Below, I will highlight 21 Sierra Skye facts. Get a quick biography, her age, birthday, who she’s dating and more.

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Skin glowing thanks to @mdsmedicalspa 💋

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Birthday. Sierra Skye’s age is [showcurrentage month=”11″ day=”06” year=”1995″ template=”1″]. Her birthday is November 6, 1995. Her Zodiac sign is Scorpio.

Her name. On the gram she is known as Sierra Skye, but others know her as Sierra Egan.

Where she grew up. Malibu, California.

Ethnicity. A lot of people want to know Sierra’s ethnicity, she is of Italian and Native American descent.

Right or Left handed? Sierra Skye is actually left-handed, however, she made it known that she is not ambidextrous. She can really only use her left-hand.

Weird Trait. She is double jointed. Sierra’s arms would often come out of sockets and she is also super flexible.

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Island dreams 🌺

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Weird Quirk. Sierra Skye suffers from Brumotactillophobia. For her, she can’t have any food touching on the plate. She thinks she got it from her mom, as she does the same exact thing, everything has to be neat on the plate.

Is Her Butt Fake? A lot of people think that Sierra Egan has had plastic surgery on her butt. In a Youtube Q & A, she explained that her butt is real and she was born like that.

Guilty Pleasure. She absolutely loves Candy, especially Almond Joy.

Foods She Loves? She enjoys all types of fruits and veg, as well as pasta and popcorn

Foods She Hates? Sierra Egan hates sour cream, mushrooms, beets and mayonnaise

How Tall is She? She is 5 Feet 6 Inches.

Her Other Measurements. Bust: 32C, Waist: 22″, Hips: 35″ (32-22-35),  Shoe size: 8 (US), Hair: Dark Blonde
Eye Color. She has brown eyes.

She models for a bikini company. If you look on Sierra’s Instagram page, you will catch her in some amazing looking swimsuits. She is actually a model for Boutinela a bikini company and Sierra does a really good job of promoting their products.

Schooling. Sierra Egan, was once enrolled in nursing school.

Dancing. She loves to dance and has been dancing since he was 3 years old. In high-school, she did just about every type of dance, however her main focus on was tap-dancing.

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Mornings with her are the best🐱

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Her first Instagram photo. Sierra’s first Instagram post was on May 2015. It was a picture of her kitten.

Her boyfriend. Sierra Skye is currently dating, professional photographer and social media star, Roman Palumbo. Roman revealed that before he and Sierra started dating he actually had a major crush on her, but he kept that to himself. He eventually got the courage to let her know how he felt about her and the two have been inseparable ever since.

She loves Mexican food. Like most of us, Sierra Egan, cannot get enough Mexican food. She highlights this in a post from August.

Social media. Sierra Skye has a huge social media presence and you can follow her on Instagram and Twitter. Her Snapchat name: @Sierraegan

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