Catalina Selman Facts

Cat Selman Facts

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Cat Selman is the sister of ultra-popular muser, Mario Selman. She has carved out a nice niche for herself and her popularity is slowly but surely increasing the more she puts herself out there.

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Her birthday. March 14, 2001. Her Zodiac sign is Pisces. She shares the same birthday as Albert Einstein.

Where she was born. Catalina was born in Florida.

Her Ethnicity. Catalina’s ethnic background is Hispanic.

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Her siblings. She has a brother, popular Muser Mario Sleman and sister Nacha Morel.

Nickname. Most people call her Cat.

Fame. Catalina started using the app in April 2016. She would often do videos with her brother and through that, people started to connect with her and her popularity skyrocketed. She now has thousands of followers spread out across different social media platforms.


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Her interests. She loves cheerleading, Youtube and is interested in modelling.

Her high school. Catalina goes to Seacrest High School in South Florida.

Moana. A lot of people say that Cat Selman looks a lot like the cartoon character Moana. She even posted it to Twitter and the resemblance is uncanny.

Social Media. Cat’s popularity is growing rapidly across varying social media accounts. If you want to connect with her, you can give her a follow.

Instagram: @castleman


Snapchat – @cat.selman

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