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Catherine Paiz Wearing a Mid-Riff Blouse
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Youtube star Catherine Paiz rose to stardom with her Ace Family Youtube Channel. Her popularity quickly translated from the video platform to other social media profiles, garnering her millions of followers.

Want to get some cool facts on Catherine Paiz? Take a look at these 18 facts that I bet you did not know.

Catherine Paiz Sitting With Austin McBroom
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Birthday.  Catherine Paiz’s age is [showcurrentage month=”8″ day=”24″ year=”1990″ template=”1″]. Her birthday is August 24, 1990.  Her sign is Virgo

Birthplace. She was born in Montreal, Canada. She however moved to Tampa Moved to Miami Florida.

Siblings. Catherine has two younger brothers, names are Ryan and Josh, and also a younger sister.

Catherine Paiz With Her Family
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Family. Catherine is dating her Ace Family partner, Austin McBroom. They have 2 daughters called Elle McBroom and Alaïa Marie McBroom.

Psychic Prediction. A Psychic told Catherine that she would find the love of her life and have 2 children

Ethnicity. Catherine is Panamanian. She researched her ancestry on It was revealed that she is 9% African, 22% Native American, 22% Italian/Greek, 18% Iberian, 11% Irish, and 8% British ancestry.


Catherine Paiz Real Name. While people are used to calling her Catherine, her full name is actually Delores Catherine Paiz.

Nickname. Her mother calls her NiNi.

She is Trilingual. Catherine can speak 3 different languages, English, Spanish and French.

Catherine Paiz Standing Up and Holding Hands with Austin McBroom & Ellie McBroom
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How Tall is Catherine Paiz? She is  5′ 6″ (1.68 m)

Best Friend. Catherine’s best friend is social media star, Chantel Jefferies. The two became friends after meeting at a party. A lot of people often state that Chantel and Christine often look like twins.

Eye Color. Her eyes are brown.

Her Addiction. In a Youtube video on her ACE Family channel, Catherine Paiz has admitted that she is addicted to chocolate.

Her First job. The first job Catherine had was working at Victoria’s Secret. She also worked in an ice cream shop.

Catherine Paiz and Austin McBroom Sitting Together in a Car
Source: Instagram

Sports She Played Growing Up. Hockey, soccer, volleyball and swimming were the major sports Paiz did when she was younger.

Acting. Catherine Paiz is also an actress and she has appeared in 3 movies,  You Can’t Have It (2017), Lilin’s Brood (2016) and Monday Nights at Seven (2016).

Nose Job & Boob Job. Catherine has made it known that she has had plastic surgery work done. In an Instagram post, she stated that she got her breasts done. People have also speculated that she also got a nose job.

Social Media. While Catherine’s popularity can be attributed to Youtube, she also has a massive following on different social media platforms.

Instagram: @catherinepaiz

Twitter: @catherinepaiz

Snapchat Name: @Catherinepaiz

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  1. I love catherine sho is so pretty and smart and pretty you deserve all the pretty in the world I don’t get why people say go up u have always been pretty to me love amira and Elle keep up the good work love your family bebe and the new baby I love you to ans and I will always remember Austin u are the the bomm I will keep going with ace family love y’all ??????????????????????

  2. I seriously LOVE THE ACE FAM!!!
    Right now I’m listening to : your my ace!!
    ACE FOR LIFEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Valentina who is about 7 years old and is in their video ace family Christmas special2018 however Catherine and Austin are not nice to her

  3. People are always jealous about other,humans will always judge others,SO CATHERINE LET THE BARKING DOGS BARK…LOT’S OF LOVE CATHERINE….

  4. I can not wait for them to post another video in 2019 and them having a lot great moments so sub to the ACE FAMILY! Do not hate on them if you do if you have a youtube chnnel we will unsub from you so if you don’t like them go to a diffrent video that you like and continue seeing them until you get tired of them and see other youtubers so do not say anything mean about them so keep it to your self if you don’t have anything nice don’t say it if you do you will get reported we all LOVE you ACE FAMILY please see this and give me a shout out please and i sub to you all and done love all of you guys that are not haters.


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