15 Facts About Cole LaBrant That Are Quite Interesting

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Former Viner, Instagram, Youtube and Musical.ly star, Cole LaBrant is a bona fide internet celebrity. With millions of followers across different social media platforms, he is definitely poised for great things in the future.

If you want to learn more, take a look at these 15 facts about Cole LaBrant…some of them are pretty interesting.

Birthday. Cole Labrant’s birthday is August 21, 1996.

Where he’s from? He is from Troy, Alabama.

Family. Cole has 5 siblings. A sister named Lily, as well as brothers Luke, Jack, Clay and Tate LaBrant.

His Parents. His parents Sheri and Ken LaBrant met when they were only 17 years old.

Savannah Soutas. Cole LaBrant is currently engaged to Musical.ly star, Savannah Soutas. The two have been dating since 2016 and they got engaged in January 2017.

How he met Savannah. Cole was on Musically and  decided to send Savannah a DM, asking if they could do a shout out for shout out. They did not communicate after that, but fate would have it that they ended up running into each in Los Angeles. The two started a friendship that quickly blossomed into romance.

Amazing Race with his mom. Cole competed with his mother in 2016 on the popular CBS show,  The Amazing Race 28. The pair came second, missing out on the $1 million dollar prize.

Rise to Fame. Cole’s popularity started with Vine as he would make tons of popular videos with his parnters, Dem White Boyz with John Stephen Grice and Baylor Barnes. The videos the trio would make would get millions of loops and from there Cole branched off to other social media platforms like Instagram, Youtube and Musical.ly.

Social Media Accounts. Cole has millions of followers spread across different profiles. You can follow Mr. LaBrant on:

Instagram: @thesupercole

Twitter: @thesupercole

Snapchat: @Thesupercole

Musical.ly: @thesupercole

Youtube: Cole&Sav


Selena Gomez Promposal. In 2015, Cole LaBrant did a Youtube video asking Selena Gomez out to the prom. It was a good way to grab her attention as fans of Selena hounded her to give Cole a chance…While it did not materialize, it helped to skyrocket Cole’s fame to new levels.

Tattoo. Cole has a tattoo. On his Twitter post, gave it’s meaning ” Alive in Christ. Every heart beat. Every breath. Live it for Him.

He did an HP Commercial. In 2015, Cole partnered with HP to do a commercial for their HP x2.

How tall is Cole LaBrant?‎: He is ‎185 cm / 6 ft 1 in


Kristoff from Frozen. One of the running gags with Cole LaBrant is that people think he looks like Kristoff from the movie Frozen. The resemblance is uncanny

Most popular Youtube Video. His most popular Youtube video is dance to JuJu on the beat in unicorn onesies with his fiance Savannah Soutas and Everleigh.


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  1. Omg! Don’t you love the LaBrant Fam? Save and Cole are the cutest couple, and they the two most precious daughters ever! I really wish I could meet them.🥰😘


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