14 Mark Thomas (Duhitzmark) Facts That are Quite Interesting

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Mark Thomas aka Duhitzmark is a social media star that is captivating the internet. He has made a name for himself creating amazing Musical.ly videos, as well as publishing on other social networks like YouNow and Vine.

Below is a list of 14 facts about Duhitzmark that some of you might not know.

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His Birthday. Mark Thomas (Duhitzmark) was born on March 29, 2001.

His Middle Name. Mark Thomas middle name is “Christopher’

Where He Lives? He lives in Stewartstown, Pennsylvania.

He is Really Popular on Musically. Duhitzmark’s fame grew because of the music app, Musical.ly. He is one of the biggest stars on the social media app, with millions of followers.


He Has a Large Social Media Following

Aside from having millions of followers on Musical.ly, you can also find Mark Thomas on other social media platforms such as YouNow, Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter.

He Has an Older Sister. Duhitzmark has an older sister named Christine Thomas. He did a video with her singing Sorry by Justin Bieber.

His Eye Color. Duhitzmark has blue eyes

He Released his First Music Video. He released his first single, “Selfie,” in June 2016.

He is Friends with Loren Gray. Duhitzmark and Musical.ly star Loren Gray are  really good friends



His Perfect Date. On Twitter, Mark explained that his perfect date would have to be cuddling, blankets, ice-cream, scary movie, kissing, falling asleep together.

Duhitzmark Phone Number Got Leaked. Mark Thomas’s phone number got leaked, when he accidentally leaked Bryce Hall’s phone number on YouNow. When Bryce found out that Mark was behind the leak, he decided to leak Mark’s number on YouNow as well.

His Biggest Insecurity. When asked what his biggest insecurity is, Duhitzmark replied that it would be his teeth.

Duhitzmark and chill sweatshirt. If you were one of the lucky fans, you would have had the opportunity to buy a ‘Duhitzmark and chill sweatshirt’. This proved to be pretty popular with Mark’s fans and a couple of them even went on Youtube to show off their purchase.

Duh Its Mark Crying. 

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