67 Cool & Interesting Facts About Disney’s Frozen

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“Let if G……………………………..”, OK, I’ll stop right there. Either some of you will begin to sing-along with super gusto, while others will instantly clog your ears, as you simply cannot bear to hear one of the most popular movie songs from one of the highest-grossing films of all-time.

Frozen is a cultural phenomenon and years after it’s release, it is still capturing the imagination of kids and adults all across the world. It just seems everyone still can’t seem to get enough of Elsa, Anna and the gang.

If you are a big fan of the film, then you need to take the time to read through this article, as I highlight 67 of the most interesting, quirky, oooooooooooooooooh facts as it relates to Frozen.


  1. The original plan had Elsa actually being a villain
  2. Frozen is loosely based on Hans Christian Andersen’s book, the Snow Queen.
  3. Frozen was originally planned to be done in 2D.
  4. Frozen was translated and dubbed into 41 languages for international release.hans-kristoff-anna-sven
  5. The names of the characters Hans, Kristoff, Anna and Sven are a tribute to “The Snow Queen” author, Hans Christian Andersen. If you say the names quickly in the sequence above, you can actually hear the tribute played out perfectly.
  6. The majority of the film’s characters are not found in the Snow Queen
  7. “Elsa” is the King’s first and last words in the movie.
  8. Out of all the Disney princesses on film, Elsa is the first one to be crowned Queen.
  9. Out of all the Disney princesses, Elsa is the only one that is not a teenager. She is 21 and Anna is 18.
  10. During “Let It Go,” Elsa releases the clasp on her purple cape, which the wind promptly takes away, far from the mountain. Purple is the traditional color of royalty; this moment can be seen as her “letting go” of the responsibilities of being a queen.
  11. The color of Elsa’s ice castle changes with her emotions. Blue is happy, red is fear and yellow is anger.
  12. In the scene where Anna becomes frozen, if you look in her eyes, you can actually see Elsa’s snowflake.
  13. Elsa’s hair took a long time to develop all because of her braid. The braid contained over 420,000 strands of hair. The average human has around 100,000.
  14. Since the release of the movie, the names Elsa and Anna have become very popular name choices for baby girls.
  15. Idina Menzel (Elsa)auditioned for the part of Rapunzel for Disney’s Tangled. She was not given the part, however a Disney casting director recorded her audition and thought she would be perfect for the role of Elsa.
  16. As a child, Kristen Bell (Anna) dreamed of being a Disney Princess.
  17. Director Jennifer Lee was the first woman to direct a Disney animated feature.
  18. Santino Fontana the actor who voiced Prince Hans, had auditioned for the role of Flynn in Tangled, but he did not get that part.
  19. For the song “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” three different actresses provided the singing voice of Anna.  Young Anna – Katie Lopez, Tween Anna – Agatha Lee Monn and Teenage Anna – Kristen Bell.
  20. Agatha is the daughter of the film’s writer and director Jennifer Lee and Katie is the daughter of the songwriters Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez.
  21. If you take a look at Elsa’s coronation, you will see a brief cameo appearance from Rapunzel and Flynn from Disney’s Tangled.
  22. When Anna sings “Love is an Open Door” with Prince Hans, this is actually the first time a duet is ever performed with a Disney princess and a villain.
  23. Anna’s catch phrase in the film, ”Wait, what?” is actually a phrase voice actress Kristen Bell uses a lot in real life.
  24. 24 out of 102 minutes of the film is dedicated to musical sequences.original-trolls
  25. While the trolls in the movie were super lovable, in the book , below are how they look in the book.
  26. With a 102 minute run time, Frozen is the longest Disney animated feature since Fantasia.
  27. The name of Anna’s horse is Sitron and that means “lemon” in Norwegian.
  28. When Anna, Kristoff, and Olaf arrive at Elsa’s castle, Anna tells the others to wait outside for “one minute”. Both Kristoff and Olaf begin counting. When Olaf says “Sixty!” and he heads into the castle, 60 seconds has actually elapsed.
  29. Kristoff’s character is deeply influenced by the Sami people of northern Norway.
  30. Josh Gad, the actor who played Olaf, improvised the majority of his lines.
  31. The names ‘Sven’ and ‘Olaf’ are actually the same names as characters from the movie In the scene whereJack wins his Titanic tickets in a poker game, the characters he plays with are ‘Sven’ and ‘Olaf’.
  32. Olaf’s name is a giveaway clue that his character was supposed to provide comedic laughs throughout the movie. His name can be interpreted to say “oh laugh.”
  33. During the song “In Summer,” you can actually see two hidden outlines of Olaf’s body. If you look in his drink cup, you will see his body formed by ice cubes. You can also see his shape in the clouds in the sky when he is lying on the blanket.
  34. Olaf references another Disney movie during his dance with the seagulls. It is the same dance routine Bert does with penguins from Mary
  35. Does the beach scene in Olaf’s “The Summer Song” look familiar? It is actually a play on the popular Coppertone sunscreen ad.
  36. After the creators heard “Let It Go” and it had such a good reception, they decided that the song was too inspirational to make Elsa the villain. The script was rewritten as her being a good character.
  37. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez were able to write “Let It Go” in a day.
  38. In developing the movie, the crew started out working on the ending first and then working backwards.
  39. If you take a look at the end credits, you will see a disclaimer highlighting that Disney and the filmmakers do not endorse Kristoff’s view that all men eat boogers.
  40. All the names in the disclaimer are actually the names of the babies of crew members born during production.
  41. There exists a large fan fiction community that pairs Elsa and Jack Frost from the Rise of the Guardians’
  42. Old Norse and Scandinavian Professor Jackson Crawford of UCLA was hired to ensure that the script had the right Norwegian words, accents, and phrases.
  43. If you look hard enough, you can actually see small Mickey Mouse at Wandering Oaken’s Trading Post and Sauna.
  44. After a little girl was stuck in an elevator, two Boston firemen sang ”Let it Go” to calm her down as they rescued her.
  45. Celebrity hairstylist Danilo was hired by filmmakers to give advice on Elsa’s hair.
  46. 312 character mock-ups were used in the movie, the most of any Disney movie.
  47. The television show Arrested Development is referenced three times in the film.
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  48. If you look at the painting in the palace gallery that Anna poses in front of, it is a representation of Jean-Honoré Fragonard’s The Swing.
  49. There has been a huge demand for Frozen dolls on Ebay. There are reports where Elsa and Anna dolls are selling upwards of $10,000 on Ebay.
  50. Frozen is the highest grossing animated and musical film of all time, bringing in a worldwide box office gross of $1.097 billion.
  51. Frozen is the best-selling Blu-ray Disc in the United States of all time.
  52. To get inspiration for the movie, the production team actually visited a hotel made out ice.
  53. Dr. Kenneth Libbrecht, a renowned snow expert was brought in by the effects team to give insight into to how snow and snowflakes are formed.
  54. Filmmakers traveled to Norway to get inspiration for the film’s landscapes.
  55. Members of the special effects team traveled to Wyoming to experience and understand how it felt to walk through deep snow.
  56. Real reindeer were brought in to inspire the animators to capture the movements, behavior and appearance of Sven.
  57. There are many elements of Sami culture in the film from reindeer, clothing styles and ice cutters.
  58. There has been a major increase in popularity of Rosemaling, the traditional Norwegian folk art that features geometric designs and flowers, which is seen a lot in a lot of the characters’ costume designs,
  59. Frozen was the second most-pirated film of 2014 (behind The Wolf of Wall Street), with over 29.9 million illegal downloads via torrent.
  60. If you look at Anna’s chocolate arrangement, you will see that it is a tribute to the Kingdom of Sugar Rush from another Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph.
  61. One of the most complex frames in the movie took 132 hours of render time.
  62. Just like Lord of the Rings and New Zealand, there has been a big increase in tourism to Norway, ever since the release of the film.
  63. The original name for Sven was actually Thor.
    evil-elsa evil-elsa2
  64. At first Elsa was supposed to be based on Amy Winehouse.
  65. A movie theater in Florida accidentally played a two-minute adult trailer for the movie Nymphomaniac, to the horror of kids of parents.
  66. Due to the popularity of the film and the soundtrack, The movie was re-released to theaters as a sing-along version, complete with lyrics and a bouncing snowflake to allow the audience to follow along. This was released on January 31, 2014.

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