Kinsey Wolanski Facts

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Kinsey Wolanski
Source: Instagram

Kinsey Wolanski is a [showcurrentage month=”8″ day=”30″ year=”1996″ template=”1″] year old American Model, Youtuber and Social Media Influencer. While she is known as the girlfriend of Internet prankster and Youtuber, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, her true claim to fame is when she went viral for streaking during the 2019 UEFA Champions League Final.

Get a quick biography on this popular model. We will highlight 16 Kinsey Wolanski facts.

Age/Birthday. Kinsey Wolanski is [showcurrentage month=”8″ day=”30″ year=”1996″ template=”1″] years old. Her birthday is August 30, 1996. Her Zodiac sign is Virgo.

Boyfriend. Kinsey Wolanski is inn a relationship with Russian-American Youtuber, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

In 2019, Wolanski shared the news that she would be getting married to Zdorovetskiy.

Youtube Channel. Wolanski is featured in Vitaly’s Youtube channel, “Vitaly Uncensored (VitalyzdTv)“. The channel has a ton of videos where they do practical jokes and extreme pranks.

UEFA Champions League Final. Kinsey Wolanski went viral in June, 2019 when she sprinted on to the soccer pitch of the UEFA Champions League Final as Liverpool took on Spurs in Madrid, Spain.

She ran out in a skimpy black swimsuit, with the words “Vitaly Uncensored’ written on the front.

She was eventually caught and escorted off the field, where she spent 5 hours in a Spanish jail cell.

2 Million Followers. Before her Champions League streak, Kinsey had around 2 million followers on Instagram. After that episode, she gained over two million new followers.

Account Suspended. Kinsey’ gained over two million followers on Instagram after her Champions League stunt.

However, her account quickly closed and Kinsey claimed that she was hacked.

COPA America. Kinsey Wolanski and her boyfriend, Vitaly, were jailed in July 2019, over plans to strip and streak o then field for the COPA America finals between Brazil and Peru.

Wolanski wrote on Instagram, claiming she and Zdorovetskiy were heading to jail having “failed Copa America”.

She explained that they had made it to the iconic Maracana Stadium in Rio, Brazil and was ready to do a repeat of their UEFA Champions League stunt.

This ended quickly, as dozens of guards were on hand to ensure that there would not be another streaking stunt.

Acting. She had a role in the 2019 movie, Slasher Party

How Tall is She? Kinsey Wolanski is 5 Feet and 5 Inches (165 cm.)

Measurements is 35-26-36 in(88-66-91 cm)Bra size is D.

Eye Color. Hazel

Hair Color Blonde

Miss Jetset 2017. She entered the Miss Jetset competition in 2017, where she placed 8th place in the beauty contest.

BFF.  Jamie Thornton is her best friend and she is also a model.

She Loves Animals. Kinsey has a love affair with elephants.

Social Media. You can follow Kinsey Wolanski on Instagram

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