12 Sofia Jamora Facts That You Need to Know About This Blazing Hot Model

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Sofia Jamora
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Bikini model Sofia Jamora is one of the hottest women in the fashion world and on social media. She has over a million followers across her different social media accounts and the numbers are only going to increase as she gains more popularity.

People are always interested to learn more or get a quick bio on this insanely popular model.

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May 6th, 1997. Her birth sign is Taurus.


Calabasas, California.


Jamorar’s ethnic background is Pacific Islander



Sofia Jamora got her start in the modeling world by wearing bikinis. In an interview, she explained that she was at a trunk show in Westlake, when the co-founder of Frankies Bikinis, came up to her and asked if she’s “ever modeled before and if I’d like to?” From there she started shooting with Frankies and she moved on to clothing, then she got signed. She is represented by Next Models.


Sofia Jamora’s height is 5´7” (170 cm). Her measurements (Bust, Waist & Hips) are 32”-24”-36”. She has brown hair and green eyes.


She Loves Bikinis

In an interview, she was asked how many days per year would you guess you wear a bikini? Sofia’s response was 200 days out of 365.

Favorite Emoji

In a short interview with Forever 21, Sofia explained that her favorite emoji is the winking face that’s throwing a kiss ???. You can find out some more of Jamora’s likes in the video below. 


She has a dog called Sampson.


Sofia Jamaora is currently dating Spencer Mow.

Go-to healthy foods

Sofia has indicated that some of her go-to healthy foods include green juices with ginger, raw almonds, baked salmon and avocado on wheat toast.

Her Favorite Cheat Foods

Jamora is a foodie and in her interview with Frankies Bikinis, she listed out her favorite indulgences….which are: fries, sushi, burritos, fried rice, guacamole, pizza, burgers, elote (street corn), club sandwiches, tuna w/avocado and grilled chicken, Kung pao chicken, orange chicken, fried chicken, and finally some mashed potatoes, baked potatoes, breakfast potatoes.

As you can see, the girl loves her food.

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When life give you lemons… @boohoo

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 Social Media

Sofia Jamora has garnerd over a million followers across her different social media. You can connect with her on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat.

Instagram – @sofiajamora

Twitter – @sofiajamora

Snapchat Name – sofiajamora

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