11 Naressa Valdez Facts. Find Out Interesting Things About This Popular Model

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Naressa Valdez
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Model Naressa Valdez is quickly making a name for herself in the industry. She went from being unknown, to being the face of multiple campaigns. The future looks bright and we can only expect to see more of her as her career moves forward.

People want to more about Naressa. From a biography, trivia and anything else. Below, we will highlight 11 really cool facts about Naressa Valdez.

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1. Birthday

June 16, 1993. Her sign is Gemini.

2. Hometown

Naressa is from Sacramento, California

3. Ethnicity

Italian, Mexican, Native American, African American and Portuguese


4. Family

Naressa has highlighted her family (mom, dad & baby sister) in a couple of her social media posts.

5. Nickname

Naressa’s nickname is pizza. As a little kid, she would constantly copy the Lil Caesars ad where the character says “Pizza Pizza”. She was called Nissa Pizza and the name has stuck ever since.

6. Modeling

Naressa Valdez is signed with Wilhelmina International. In an interview, she highlighted that she has had a fascination with walking the runway since she was very young. She always thought it would be the ideal profession to have.

7. How She Got Discovered

Naressa Valdez got discovered by Kitten Galore when they were hash tagging pizza and came across her Instagram account. Before the discovery, she was just a regular girl taking selfies and food pics.

8. Measurements

Naressa Valdez’s height is 5’ 8”. Her bust, waist and hips are 33”-24”-34”. She wears size 7 shoes. She has brown eyes and dark brown hair.

9. Chris Brown & Tyga

Naressa appeared in the music video for ‘Ayo’ by Chris Brown and Tyga.

10. Favorite emoji

Valdez’s favorite emoji is the side eye moon ?

11. Social Media

Naressa Valdez has a huge following on social media and you can connect with her on Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat

Instagram – pizzapizza_nisa

Twitter – @NisaPizza_

Snapchat Name – pizzapizza_nisa

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