12 Pretty Cool Alice Peneaca Facts

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Alice Peneaca Facts
Source: Instagram

Alice Peneaca has made a name for herself from Instagram. This Romanian model is in demand and companies are lining up to book her and her fans on the social image sharing app are going up.

If you want to find out some quirky facts about Alice Peneaca, check out these 12 that are pretty interesting.


Her birthday

Alice was born on Halloween, her birthday is 31 October 1991.

Where she Grew up?

Alice Peneaca was born in the land of Dracula, Transylvania, Romania.

The one place she would love to visit?
Brazil, thats a must!!!


She is married.

Alice is married to Bobby Paunescu, a popular director who has a lot of movies under his belt.

She has a passion for acting

Alice has acted in a movie called ‘Pioneer’s Palace’, as well as done a lot of advertisements. While she loves acting, she told Shot Connect that while she has acted already “I decided to focus on my modelling career for now, as this can be done only when you’re young. “

Favorite book from high school?
Alice explained what her favorite book was in high school with Shot Connect. She stated that it was “Lolita, although it was not on the “must read” list at school :))”


Some of her work

Alice has been featured in GQ, done work for Guess and was awarded the title of “Best Model” by Romania’s Glamour magazine earlier this year,

Diet and exercise routine?

Alice in speaking with Red Hot Society explained what her diet and exercise routine was like. She said

“I’m on a ‘see food diet’ –  I see food and I eat it haha.  As for the exercise…  I’m doing pilates whenever I have time, trying to do as much as I can!”

Favorite desserts?

“Fruits!  And I’m not joking haha.  I’m not that much into sweets.  I prefer fruits – and this has been since I was a child, which wasn’t that long ago hehe.  But don’t worry, fruits also have a lot of sweet tasting natural sugar.”


What she likes to drink

Even though Alice is not into alcohol, she does enjoy Coca Cola.

She was once a ballerina

Alice did ballet for more than 10 years and she even represented Romani at Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

What she wanted be growing up?

Growing up Alice Peneaca had dreams of becoming a doctor or a criminal specialist!

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