12 Alex Lange Facts That Highlight This Instagram Model

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Alex Lange
Source: Instagram

Alex Lange, Team 10 member and model  has carved out his own social media niche, especially on Instagram where he has grown his account to millions of followers, thanks to his youthful good looks and incredible talent.

The sky is the limit for this social media phenom. If you want to find out more about this media darling, take a look at these 12 facts about Alex Lange.

His Birthday. Alex Lange was born March 3, 2001. His birth sign is Pices.

Where he lived. He lived in Paris, France and then moved to Ealing, England. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California

His Family. Alex has an older brother, Matthieu Lange, who is an Instagram model. He also has a little sister.

Ethnicity. He is half-French and half-South African.

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His girlfriend. Alex is dating actress Bailee Madison. They are super-close and they always have pictures up of each other on their Instagram.

His first Valentine’s day with Bailee was special. Bailee Madison and Alex Lange did something a little different for their first Valentine’s Day together, they spent that special day in a hospital.

They were not sick, they just wanted to visit and spend time with kids and bring them joy.

Languages. He speaks English and French fluently and he is learning Spanish.

Music. Alex is learning to play the keyboard from his best friend, AJ Mitchell.

His pet. Alex has a dog and he has stated that he really loves him.

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His social media profiles Alex has a massive following on social media, with fans in the millions. To connect with him, you can follow at:

Instagram – @AlexeLange

Twitter – @alexmlange

Facebook – ImAlexLange

Snapchat – alexmlange

Musical.ly – @alexlange

Team 10.  Alex Lange is a member of the social media collective, Team 10. These LA kids are looking to use the internet to their advantage and make a massive dent in the entertainment world.

This group of like-minded kids have a goal of using the internet to take over Hollywood.

Members include Jake Paul, Lucas & Marcus Dobre, Neels Visser, the Martinez Twins, Stan Gerrards, AJ Mitchell, Tessa Brooks, Tristan Tales and formerly Alissa Violet

What he loves to do. He loves to travel. When he gets the time, he will either go on a road trip or take a flight somewhere.

He also loves his family, sports and his dog.

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