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Ben Azelart Standing By the Eiffel Tower
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Ben Azelart is an American social media star, Youtuber, skateboarder and actor. He has developed a pretty huge following on the photo-sharing site, Instagram, as well as on Youtube. He is also well known as being the boyfriend of Instagram Star, Lexi Rivera.

If you want to get to know more about him, check out these 23 facts about Ben Azeleart. Find out cool trivia like his birthday, age, girlfriend, height and more.

Ben Azelart Hanging From The Side of a Building
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Age & Birthday

Ben Azelart’s age is [showcurrentage month=”01″ day=”10” year=”2002″ template=”1″].  His birthday January 10, 2002. His Zodiac sign is Capricorn.


He was born in Texas, United States. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California


His father is Lionel Azelart and his mother is Jill Azelart.


He has an older brother Julien Azelart, who is Social Media Star and a Photographer.


He is of French descent on his father’s side. He has family who live in France.

Languages He Can Speak

Ben is fluent in French.

Ben Azelart Standing Beside Lexi Rivera in Superman Costumes
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Ben is currently dating social media star, Lexi Rivera in 2018. Ben was friends with Lexi’s brother, Brent Rivera and the two just connected after spending a lot of time with each other.

The two never officially confirmed that they were dating, but there are numerous pictures of them together going on dates and kissing each other.

High School

Ben Azelart attended Kailua Intermediate School in Kailua, Honolulu County, Hawaii.

How Tall is He?

Ben Azeleart’s Height is 5 ft 11 inches

Favorite Avenger

Captain America

Favorite Singer

Billie Eilish

Ben Azelart in a Pool
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Favorite Foods

He is a big fan of pasta and pepperoni pizza.

Foods He Hates

Ben Azeleart does not like tomatoes and will often skip eating them when he orders a burger.

Food Allergy.

Ben is allergic to peanuts.

Favorite Movies

Some of his favorite movies are Star Wars and 2008’s Stepbrothers

Famous Friends

Ben is really good friends with social media stars, Alan Stokes and Alex Stokes.

Loves Dogs

Even though Ben did not have a pet growing up, he has a strong preference for dogs. If he were to get one, it would be a Golden Retriever.

Ben Azelart Handcuffed to Lexi Rivera
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Started Skateboarding Really Young

Ben started his skateboarding journey when he was really young. He was only 9 years old when he first hopped on a board.

Most Embarrassing Moment

His most embarrassing moment came in late 2018, when he boasted to his mother of his driving skills. He ended up rear ending his brother’s car. His mother did not trust with driving again until recently.

Biggest Fear

Ben’s biggest fear is drowning. He is also deathly afraid of cockroaches and flying insects. If one enters his room, he cannot sleep there until he finds it.

His Favorite Memory

His favorite memory happened in 2018, when he and his best friends did a spontaneous road trip and drove all the way from Los Angeles to Mexico.

Pet Peeve

Living in Los Angeles, Ben’s biggest pet peeve is busy traffic. He also hates when people leave the toilet seat up.

Dream Date

Ben’s dream date would have him on a beach, watching a sunset on a remote island on a beach. It would be a romantic time with his girlfriend, especially since they would have a lot of pizza.

During his Bucket List series that he began in 2018, he tried learning to fly a plane and a water jet-pack and dance salsa.

Ben Azeleart’s Social Media Accounts

You can follow Ben Azeleart on social media at Instagram2nd InstagramTwitter, and YouTube.

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