14 Erika Costell Facts That are Ultra-Fabulous

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Model and social media celebrity, Erika Costell is on the rise as more people want to find out about her due to her association with the popular Team 10 social media collective.

To give you a little bio and some pretty cool information on this model, here are 14 facts you need to know about Erika Costell.

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Birthday. Erika Costell’s birthday is November 12, 1993. Her birth sign is Scorpio.

Her birthplace. She was born and grew up in Bedford, Michigan

Siblings. Erika has a younger sister.

Higher Education. She has a degree in Business Administration from Middle Tennessee State University or MTSU in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

She always wanted to be a model. Erika’s dream was to be a model. At 16 years old, she did a portfolio and sent it out to different modelling agencies. It was there she was given a contract to DAN Talent Group Inc. She has since signed with Wilhelmina International, and Ideal Fit Models.

How she got into modelling? Her first manager Larry Murdock saw the potential and brought her into the world of modelling. Erika has stated that she owes her modelling career to him.

Model she looks up to. Erika is inspired by super model Gigi Hadid.

Her measurements. Erika’s height is 5´7”,  she wears a size 2 dress, her shoe size is 8 and her measurements are 32, 26, 35.


Cheerleader. Erika was a cheerleader for 11 years

Her eye color. She has blue eyes

Friendship. Erika is close friends with fellow Team 10 member, Tessa Brooks. She used to be friends with internet model and social media star, Alissa Violet, but that fell apart after Alissa left Team 10.

Her Tattoo. She has a tattoo that says “fear ends where faith begins”

Team 10. On her Linkedin page, it states that Erika is operations officers for the social media collective, Team 10. Team 10 includes social media talent such as Alex Lange, Tessa Brooks, Neels Visser, AJ Mitchell and twins Lucas and Marcus Dobre.

Social Media. Erika is followed by thousands of fans on different social media platforms. Connect with her at:



Snapchat – @ErkCostell

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