Madison Beer Facts

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Madison Beer
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Madison Beer is a teenaged American singer known for hit singles such as ‘Melodies’, and ‘Unbreakable’. Before her rise to fame, Maddie – as she is affectionately called – was a YouTube sensation known for her viral singing and acting videos.

To learn more about Madison, check out these super cool facts like her eye colour, love interests, sexuality and so much more.

Birthday. Madison Beer’s age is [showcurrentage month=”03″ day=”5”year=”1999″ template=”1″]. Her birthday is March 5, 1999. Her Zodiac sign is a Pisces.

Birthplace. Madison is a proud native of the Big Apple (New York City). She was raised in a town called Jericho, in Long Island.

Siblings. She has one known sibling – a younger brother named Ryder.

Family. The singer was raised in a traditional family with both parents. Her father Robert Beer is a builder of luxury homes and her mother Tracie Beer works as an Interior Designer.

Ethnicity. Madison identifies as white American.

Real Name. The singer’s full name is Madison Elle Beer.

Madison’s body stats. Maddie is on the petite side, while Madison Beer’s Height is about 5 ft 5 inches tall, she only weighs 117 pounds.

Who has she dated? Since her rise to stardom, the singer has been linked to three guys – Jack Gilinsky, Brooklyn Beckham and Zack Bia.

Media reports are that in April 2015, she began dating web video star, Jack Gilinsky. Jack confirmed it in a YouTube video. The couple later split in October 2016 reportedly due to abusive behaviors Gilinsky exhibited towards the singer.

In July 2017, Maddie was linked to model and son of David Beckham and Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn. They split due to distance, as Brooklyn lives in the UK and Maddie in the US.

Later in 2017, Beer was linked to Instagram star Zack Bia. They dated for about a year.

Eye Color. Maddie has hazel eyes with a mix of yellow, brown, and green colors.

Natural Hair Color. Her natural hair is dark brown and worn extremely long – almost at her waist.

Education. Madison attended Jericho Middle School, before being homeschooled at 12 due to issues of bullying.

Talents. Along with singing, acting and a bit of modelling, Maddie also excels at playing the piano.

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Sexuality. While the singer has dated males exclusively in the public eye, she has said she wouldn’t describe herself as straight, as she thinks labels are weird.

Breakout Song.  Madison released her debut single ‘Melodies’ on September 12, 2013. The song featured pop star Justin Bieber and sold over 9000 copies in the United States.

Music Career. The teen is signed to Island Records and First Access Entertainment labels. She shares a manager with pop sensation Justin Bieber.

TV/Film Appearances.  The singer appeared in her first film in 2013. She had a feature role in the family drama film Louder Than Words as a character named Amy.

Later In 2014, she was a guest on the talk show Piper’s Picks TV.

Fun Fact. Maddie is the voice behind the theme song for the TV show ‘We Are Monster High’.

Inspired By. She says her musical style has been influenced by artistes such as Mac Miller, Drake, and Big Sean. She also credits Justin Bieber as her inspiration and notes that she was discovered by him when she was just a YouTube sensation.

Social Media. You can follow Madison Beer on social media at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, Tumblr and YouTube

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