Rosie Roff Facts

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Rosie Roff Facts
Source: Instagram

Instagram model Rosie Roff has made a name for herself on the social media site, Instagram. Her racy photos have garnered millions of followers and people can’t seem to get enough of this English beauty.

Want to learn more about this international swimsuit and lingerie model? Then take a look at these 11 Rosie Roff facts.

Her birthday. Rosie Roff’s birthday is July 18, 1989.

Where she was born. She was born in St. Austell, Cornwall, England.

Her ethnicity. Roff is of English, Irish and Czechoslovakian descent.

Her measurements. She is 5 ft 6 in in height. Measurements, 30D-23-34 (US) in.

Her first taste of modelling. Rosie was discovered at the age of 16 by a bikini company. While it was not professional modelling, it was her first experience.

She modeled for Apple Bottom Jeans. She was a main model for Apple Bottom Jeans, a clothing company owned by the rapper Nelly.

She was a Top Rank Ring Girl for HBO. Rosie Roff was a ring girl for Top Rank at boxing events. Roff promoted the highest grossing pay-per-view fight in history, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. vs. Manny Pacquiao.

She is hot. In 2011, FHM voted her in as one of the Top 100 Sexiest Women in the World.

How she stays fit. In an interview with Health Heaven, Rosie explained how she keeps in shape. “My favorite way of staying fit, is being outdoors, walking, running or hiking in amazing scenery. I’m sure it stems from my youth, my love for being outdoors and finding adventure in that. I’m guilty of lounging by pools, but given the choice of a jungle trek and a lazy holiday, I’d choose jungle trek! “

She wanted to become a lawyer. Before going into modelling full time, Rosie was studying law. She explained to Health Heaven, why decided to go with modelling and now law.

“Honestly, despite law being interesting and stimulating, I just didn’t feel like I could commit to such a serious subject forever. The idea of it overwhelmed me, choosing one career forever felt final. Modelling for me was a chance to experience the world and exciting experiences quickly.”

She has a big following on social media. Rosie Roff’s popularity can be seen on the photo sharing site, Instagram, but she also can be found on Twitter, Facebook & Snapchat.

Check out her profiles below:

Website –

Twitter – @rosieroff  

Instagram – @rosieroff 

Facebook- Rosie Roff 

Snapchat Name: @rosieroff

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