11 Jena Frumes Facts That are Surprisingly Interesting

Jena Frumes Facts

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Jena Frumes is a hugely popular social media influencer on Instagram that has a has amassed an immense following. This amazing beauty has a growing career which has her doing modelling, marketing and also acting.

She is well known from Instagram and people are always interested in learning more about her. Take a look at these 11 facts about Jena Frumes that are pretty interesting.

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Her birthday.

Jenna was born September 21, 1993. Her sign is Virgo.

Where she was born

Union Beach, NJ

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Her Ethnicity

People are always wondering about Jena Frumes ethnicity. She is mixed with Black, French and Native American.

She went to college in North Carolina

Jena attended North Carolina Central University in Durham, NC.

She appeared on Nick Cannon’s Wild N’Out 

Jena landed a spot on Nick Cannon’s popular TV show, Wild N’ Out, it was there that her popularity started to grow.

Her Pet.

Jenna has a pet dog called Yoda.

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She has a big following on social media.

Jena is killing it on the Gram, but she also has a growing following on other platforms such as Twitter, Vine, Facebook & Snapchat.

Her accounts:

Instagram: @JennaFrumes

Twitter: @JennaFrumes

Snapchat name: JennaFrumes

Facebook: thejenafrumes

Youtube: @JennaFrumes

Vine: Jena Frumés

Musical.ly: @JennaFrumes

She had beef with Draya

According to the Shade Room, Jena had beef with Draya Michelle. Draya was Jena’s manager and she took to social media to blast her for not doing her managerial duties. Jena wanted a release from her contract as she felt like Draya was not looking out for her best interests.

In responding to the allegations by Jena, Draya stated, “To answer your question: NO we won’t be releasing you out of you contract. As a business woman, I demand that my business is taken seriously. No where in your contract does it state that I have to post you on my IG (because let’s be real, that’s all you want is the followers)… You don’t want the advising I’ve been trying to give you.”

"A quitter never wins-and-a winner never quits."📝 #DailyPositiveSelfTalk

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Her Favorite Fruits.

In an Instagram post, Frumes made it known that pineapples and watermelons are her favorite fruits.

She loves boxing

She can rap

On one of Jena’s Snapchat stories, she spit some rhymes, which was OK.


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