7 Interesting Facts About Laurens van Leeuwen

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Lauren van Leeuwen Facts
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Many know Laurens van Leeuwen as the boyfriend of supermodel, Romee Strijd. People are pretty curious to learn more about him, especially since he has such a high profile girlfriend.

Want to learn more about him? Take a look at the 9 interesting facts about Romee Strijd’s boyfriend, Laurens van Leeuwen. Get a quick biography, find out his age, birthday, family and more.

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Birthday. Laurens van Leeuwen’s age is [showcurrentage month=”11″ day=”26” year=”1990″ template=”1″].  His birthday is November 26th, 1990. His Zodiac sign is Sagittarius.

Laurens and Romee Strijd. Laurens’ girlfriend is supermodel and Victoria’s Secret Angel, Romee Strijd. The two have known been dating for years, since Romee was a teenager. They really do make an amazing couple. They are photographed a lot together and just looking at them, you can tell that they are madly in love with each other.

How did he and Romee Meet?  He met Romee through his younger sister.  Romee explained in an interview that she and Laurens’ sister were really good friends as teenagers and from there the romance blossomed.

They Plan on Getting Married. The two have been dating for a couple of years and the subject of marriage and kids has come up. In an interview, Romee stated that they both plan to live together for the rest of their lives. “I want to marry him and have children”.

Romee also explained that he is her great love and that it was only a matter of time before they get married. She stated that “We have had serious talks about it together”.

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He is Dutch. Just like his model girlfriend, Laurens van Leeuwen is Dutch and is from the Netherlands.

His Father Is Pretty Popular. Laurens’ father is Bert van Leeuwen, who is a celebrity in the Netherlands. Bert is the presenter for the popular television show, Family Dinner.

He Lives in New York. Laurens lives in New York with Romee.

What’s His Job? He is a business consultant.

Social Media. While Laurens does not have a crazy following like Romee on social media, he still holds his own. Right now he is only on Instagram, but a quick look on the gram will give a quick glimpse in to the amazing life he lives. You can follow him on his Instagram.

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