11 Txunamy Facts

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Txunamy Facts
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There is a child star who is killing not only the fashion game, but also the social media app, Muscial.ly and her name is Txunamy. She has developed a name for herself by just being an awesome kid and people just can’t seem to enough of her.

If you are looking to find out some facts about Txunamy, check out 11 facts that you didn’t know about this little star.

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Twinsis /my mom @esthalla !! 💕

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Her Birthday. Txunamy was born March 23, 2009. Her birth sign is Aries.

Where she was Born? California

Her Real Name. People always want to know Txunamy’s real name, however that is kept a secret and

Her Family. Txunamy’s mother runs her personal instagram account. She has a younger brother named Diezel, as well as a younger sister named Solage.

What Does She Do? She is a popular fashionista, and because of her love to dress up, she developed a massive following on Instagram.

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She is Killing it on Muscial.ly. Txunamy is one of the biggest musers on the music app, Musical.ly. She has millions of followers on the app and she is the leagues of other phenoms such as Kristen Hancher, Loren Gray, TheyLoveArii and Baby Ariel.

She is Popular on Social Media. Aside from Musical.ly, she has a huge following on other social media platforms from Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and Snapchat.

Musical.ly: Txunamy

Instagram: @Txunamy

Twitter: @Txunamy

Youtube: Txunamy

Facebook: Txunamy

Snapchat Name: Txunamy

Her Most Popular YouTube Video. The little fashionista’s most popular Youtube video is “How to do your makeup”. She appears with another girl and they go off highlighting different ways to do makeup.

She Has Her Own Online Store. If you are a fan of this little influencer, then you can pick up some merchandise as she has her own online store. https://www.txunamystore.com. You can get t-shirts and phone cases.

Some of Her Loves. She loves Pizza, baseball, dancing, and playing the piano.

Some of Her Dislikes. Funny enough, she hates milkshakes and chocolate brownies.

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  1. i love your name it is sooo perfect i was born in new jersey im 11 years old 6th grade and a female.. and also i subscribed to familial diamond and your channel you are amazing and you need to know that and all the haters back off of her she is perfect just the way she is! love you!

    • omg txunamy your my idol i look up to you I love familial diamond . I love all the pranks that you do can you places give me a shot out .

  2. omg txunamy I love u so so much I hope u move on to greater things in life I am 12 years old in 6th grade and I also love to sing and play the piano so don’t let haters get to u and u do whatever u want to do

  3. You don’t need to be jealous, just because Txunamy is a healthy girl and is better than you! I love Txunamy and she is the prettiest little girl I’ve ever seen in my LIFE. So don’t be coming up in here saying whatever you be saying. If you have nothing nice to say than just keep your lame old to yourself.


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