Melanie Martinez Facts

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Melanie Martinez is an American singer and songwriter known for singles such as ‘Dollhouse’ and ‘Pity Party’. Martinez became famous after her participation in the 2012 staging of the renowned talent show The Voice, where she placed 6th overall.

To learn more about Melanie, check out these amazing facts like her love interests, ethnicity and several more.

Birthday. Melanie Martinez’s age is [showcurrentage month”04″ day=”28” year=”1995″ template=”1″]. Her birthday is April 28, 1995. Her Zodiac sign is a Taurus.

Birthplace. Melanie is from the town of Astoria in the popular city of Queens, New York (in the United States).

Family. While very little is known about the singer’s family, we can confirm that her parents are named Murcy and Jose Martinez.

Ethnicity. She identifies as multi-racial and has revealed that she has Puerto Rican and Dominican ancestry.

Real Name. The singer’s birth name is Melanie Adele Martinez.

Melanie’s body stats. Martinez is extremely petite, she is about 5 ft 2 and weighs only 101.5 pounds.

Who has she dated? She has only been linked to one male since her musical debut.

In 2015, she reportedly started dating music producer Michael Keenan. The relationship was confirmed by her via an official Twitter post in February 2016. Keenan has been posting about their relationship on Instagram ever since that announcement.

Eye Color. Melanie has dark brown eyes.

Natural Hair Color. While her natural hair color is dark brown, Melanie is known for dyeing her hair in many different colors.

Distinctive Features. The singer has a septum piercing, gapped tooth and a penchant for wearing two toned hair.

Education. Melanie Martinez graduated from the Baldwin High School in 2013. Before that she was a student at the Plaza Elementary School in Baldwin, New York.

Sexual Orientation. She identifies as Bisexual.

Quirks. The singer loves vintage items and has collections of stuffed toys, Animal Rummy cards, and old Valentine’s Day cards from the 1950s and 60s.

Phobias. Melanie Martinez is deathly afraid of bees.

Before the Fame. Martinez began singing in kindergarten and credits her kindergarten teacher with teaching her how to sing. As a young child she wrote poetry, and practiced photography and painting.

Talents. Apart from singing and songwriting, Martinez is also a music video director and dabbles in creative photography.

Competitions. Before her national success in The Voice, Melanie participated in dozens of local talent shows. In 2012, she participated in her first televised talent competition – the MSG Varsity Talent Show. She unfortunately didn’t make it past the second round.

Instruments. The singer plays several instruments including the guitar, banjo, and the ukulele.

Awards Won. Martinez’s 2015 ‘Cry Baby’ album was certified platinum by the recording industry. Seven of the songs on the album were certified gold and two received platinum certifications in 2017.

Brand Endorsements. Melanie has a passion for makeup and has released two lipsticks with cosmetics company, Lime Crime, Inc.  The first was named Cry Baby and released in 2015 while the second named Teddy Bear was launched in 2016.

Later in October 2016, she was featured in the ‘Cry Baby Perfume Milk’ commercial.

Controversies. In December 2017 a woman named Timothy Heller accused Martinez of sexually assaulting her. Melanie denied the allegations, saying that she would never be intimate with anyone without their absolute consent.

Film Appearances. Though the singer herself has not been featured in a film, her music has been used. Her hit single ‘Carousel’ was featured in the FX series ‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’. Her breakout single ‘Dollhouse’ was also featured in the series – Pretty Little Liars.

Social Media. You can follow Melanie Martinez on social media at Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube.

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