9 Quick Facts About Instagram Star Sahar Luna

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Sahar Luna
Source: Instagram

Teen social influencer and Instagram star Sahar Luna is quickly making a name for herself in the world of social media. She has garnered millions of fans on Instagram, all from posting everyday things, in a glitzy and enviable fashion.

As Sahar’s popularity grows, more and more people want to know about her. If you want a quick biography, take a look at these 9 facts about Sahar Luna, which should give you some insight into her life.

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1. Birthday.

August 23, 2000. Her birth sign is Virgo.

2. Hometown.

Los Angeles, California.

3. Ethnicity

Sahar’s ethnic background is Moroccan, Spanish, Italian and Russian.

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4. Height

Sahar Luna’s height is 5’ 4”

5. Multilingual

She can speak both Spanish and Italian

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flash pictures are weird

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6. Septum Piercing

Sahar has a septum piercing and she said that it did not hurt when she got it.

7. Madison Beer

Madison Beer and Sahar Luna are good friends. The met each other at a flea market and became good friends since then.

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always match your fit to the sky

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8. Kelsey Calemine

Sahar and fellow Instagram star Kelsey Calemine are also really good friends. You can see them pop up in each of the girls Instagram accounts.

9. Social Media

Sahar Luna has close to over a million followers across her different social media accounts. She can be found on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Tumblr.

Instagram @sahar.luna

Twitter @iamsaharluna

Snapchat Name – saharm


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